1. What is a home maintenance protection plan/Home Warranty?

A home maintenance protection plan covers the repair or replacement of your home’s major systems and appliances
caused by general wear and tear.

2. I've lived in this home for a long time. So why would I need a home warranty now?

Even if you have been living in the home for a long time, new homes are being built and sold with a home warranty as
a requirement. You will need one to sell your home, so getting one is a good idea!

3. What does a home warranty typically cover?

A home warranty will typically cover major systems like HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and main appliances, such as
refrigerators, ovens, and other essential machines. Coverage does depend on the plan you select, and generally does
not cover the appliances themselves but select parts based on the contract terms.

4. What is not covered by a home warranty?

Most home warranties will not cover pre-existing conditions, cosmetic damage, or damage caused by neglect, misuse,
and improper maintenance. Coverage is also typically not included for outdoor fixtures, swimming pools, or detached
systems from the home.

5. Are there any trade service fees?

Unlike our competitors, Keystone Home Warranty has no trade service fees.

6. Can I use my own contractors?

No, we rely on our network of rigorously vetted, trustworthy contractors. This helps uphold our high level of service
and streamlines your claims process

7. Do your protection plans operate on a month-to-month or contractual basis?

Our protection plans operate on a 36-month contract period.

8. Is there a dollar limit to the amount that I can claim?

Unlike many of our competitors, we carry no dollar limit. This applies to multiple claims made within the same year.

9. At what point does my home maintenance protection plan become active?

Your home protection becomes active 21 days after signing on the dotted line, and after the three day cooling off
period expires

10. How do I send in a service request?

You can contact our support team through our 24/7 service line (1-888-906-4962) or email us at
Info@keystonehomewarranty.com Our dedicated support team is ready to assist you and address any issues you may be

11. Is there a limit to the number of times I can claim during my contract period?

No, we do not limit the number of times you can repair or replace your home’s major systems or appliances.

12. Is there a limit on the amount covered under this home warranty plan?

No, there is no limit on the dollar amount covered under this home warranty plan. We do not have a deductible, unlike

13. Some of my appliances are old - will you still cover them?

We understand that appliances can become more unpredictable and prone to breakdowns as they age. That’s why our
coverage has no age limit. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered no matter how old your appliances may be.

14. What payment methods can I use to settle my bill?

You can pay your bill via credit card and ACH.

15. Are there any hidden expenses?

Rest assured – you won’t encounter hidden costs or service fees while using our protection plans.

16. How do I file a claim?

To file a claim, please get in touch with World Home Warranty’s offices, and we will kindly guide you through the
process of arranging for a qualified service technician to assess your situation. Just call 1-888-906-4962.

17. Can I transfer my home warranty to the new owner if I sell my home?

Absolutely! Our company offers transferable warranties, which could be a valuable selling point for potential buyers.
In some cases, it may also increase the value of your home when you list the property for sale.

18. How much will my home warranty cost?

The home warranty cost will depend on your property, what needs to be covered, and several other factors. To
understand what Keystone Home Warranty can offer you and your home, contact us today, and we can discuss estimates
for your home warranty.

19. What happens if an item covered by a home warranty cannot be repaired?

If your appliance cannot be repaired, Keystone Home Warranty will replace your product with a similar item or prepare a
cash payout of the item’s depreciated value, as specified in your warranty policy.

20. Is a home warranty the same as homeowners insurance?

No, a home warranty is different from homeowners insurance. A home warranty will cover the cost of repairs and
replacements of your home systems and appliances due to ordinary wear and tear. In contrast, homeowners insurance
typically only covers damage caused by theft, fire, or natural disasters.

21. Can I upgrade my plan?

Absolutely! To discuss further options for upgrading your current home warranty, contact our offices today on 1-888-

22. Will I be charged if I want to cancel before my contract ends?

If you cancel before the 10-day cooling off period expires, there is no cost to cancel. If you opt to cancel once your
contract commences you will be liable for the reminder of the contract term.

23. Can I get a home warranty if I am building my home?

Yes, you can get a home warranty if you are building your home. To discuss your available options, contact us today
on: 1-888-906-4962